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New Back Pain Relief As Seen On TV Acupuncture Massage Machine

1. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, does no harm to human health; 
2. The NO.1 inteligent acupoint detection device of the  Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy device industry,everyone can be a very good TCM doctor at home;
3. Iso13485 and CE approved;
4. Utillity model patent;
5. Appearance patent;



Output Intensity

 0 to 10 mA

 Output Intensity Control

 ON / OFF, 0 to 10

 Power Supply

  9 volt battery

 Micro-current Output

 0 to 2 microamps

 Sensitivity Adjust Control

  0 to 10

 Frequency Control

 1 to sixteen Hz

 Large LCD Digital Display

 Frequency / Sensitivity Indicator

 Indicator Lamp

 Pulse Rate Indicator

 Pulse Width

 220 microseconds

 Pulse Modes


 Pulse Shape

 Asymmetric biphasic square wave

 Point Detection

 Meter, Sound and Light Indicators

 Output Channels


 Gift Box Size

 290 x a hundred and eighty x 60 mm


English Version





1. One sensitivity (SEN) control knob on the right hand side of the unit to control the sensitivity. Base on different skin to adjust it.

2. An intensity (INT) and ON/OFF control knob on the left hand side of the unit to control the intensity of the output through the metal probe electrode, which is located at the front tip of the unit.

3. A push type button on the front top of the unit. Press this button to activate the stimulation mode. A continuous electric pulse of 1 to sixteen Hz (adjustable) is emitted through the metal probe.

4. Frequency adjustment dial, located under the sensitivity (SEN) control knob, to adjust the frequency of stimulation from 1 Hz to sixteen Hz.

5. The digital Display Screen is located on the rear top side of the unit. It features numerical display (0 to 500) to remind user if find the acupoint or not . the larger number is mean more closer the acupoint.

6. There is a green pilot lamp on top of the unit, next to the push type button(LOC/STIM). This will continue light up when find the acupoint or stimulation mode is in action.

7. Two ground plates, one located at the front left hand side, and the other one underneath the unit, allow the user to hold the unit and touch the ground plate(s) easily in closing the circuit for point detection or stimulation.

8. There is one jack on the bottom side of the unit. This is for connecting the electro pad (Ashi Pad).
9. The Digital Display chamber is located on the rear to side of the unit. Show the number from zero to 500 , When used in Acupuncture or trigger point detection , the highest numerical value refers to the nearest site of acupuncture point.Also the green indication LED will remain lit when the acupuncture point was found.

10. Acupuncture treatment through the probe can be used for the immediate treatment of the point or area right after its detection to the patient, by simply pushing down the stimulation/detection button on top of the unit. activate the stimulation mode. A continuous electric pulse of 1 to sixteen Hz (adjustable by turning the frequency dial) is emitted through the probe, the intensity and sensitivity may also be adjusted from zero to 10ma. The intensity is controlled with the intensity knob labeled “INT”. the sensitivity is controlled with the sensitivity knob labeled “SEN”. Micro current intensity is emitted when the switch is in the “blue” zone. When treating with micro current intensity, there will be very little or no feeling of stimulation achieved even the probe is located at the trigger or acupuncture points.

11. Modern Spring Type Probe Tip with new improved interchangeable spring type probe provides a more constant and comfortable acupressure to the area or points, thus providing better accuracy during point location searching. It is important to note that any part of the body may be induced to produce a degree location signal depending on the amount of pressure used during location. Thus, it is important when locating the trigger points to use the least amount of pressure possible on the surface of the skin. Also, the movement of the probe when searching for the point should be smooth and graceful, always maintaining the same light uniform constant pressure until the correct point is found. The unique spring mechanism of the Pointer probe will add in correction for any slight variations in the applied pressure. 



1, Do not use for head if have cardiac conditions and/or pacemakers ,lung device or others medical electronic equipment in the body do not use this acupuncture device at the same time.

2, do not use it during pregnancy , menstrual periods , abnormal skin ,fever .
3, do not give no expression ability people to use this acupuncture device
4, be sure to keep out of the reach of children



One or twice a day . for one acupoint or one area about three or 5 minutes, 
longer times may also be necessary in some cases.




Additional information

Sensitivity Adjust Control

0 to 10

Micro-current Output

0 to 2 microamps

Power Supply

9 volt battery

Frequency Control

1 to 16 HZ

Pulse Width

220 microseconds

Place of Origin




Output intensity Control

ON/OFF,0 to 10

Output Intensity

0 to 10 mA



Brand Name

slimming acupuncture products





items Name

Acupuncture Massage

Model Number


Item Type

Massage & Relaxation